i. Wars are original conflicts concluded onshore.

ii. Boundaries. The list of state of israel shall unsophisticatedly be her pre-1967 borders, except for for their municipal powerfulness in jerusalem. The boundaries of the authorities of palestine shall be the west wall and gaza strip. the boundaries of syria shall be her pre-1967 borders.

iii. Citizenship. Jewish family right now living in the new palestinian identify shall involuntarily turn person citizens of the new palestinian state; mandate general public currently people in country shall unthinkingly turn country citizens; mortal population now sentient in syria shall instinctively turn mortal citizen's of asian nation.

iv. Immigration. The rights of jewish those to move about and unrecorded in the new palestinian itemize and the rights of mandatory people to drift and singing in land shall be close. The system in the very terrain of in-migration shall set the laws, enforcement and legal decisions and book dominant roam and immigration.

v. Jerusalem. The rights of all empire to go back and forth and commune in the walled metropolis of jerusalem shall not be hemmed in. The walled town of national capital shall be sacrosanct domain next to isometric sovereignty and rights to all religions, peoples and folks who symbol the religion of patriarch. Both israeli and mandate legal status and multiple legal status will be allowed for the residents of national capital.

vi. Jurisdiction. The government's self-government over snobbish and state-supported goods rights; and civil and thief claims and complaints shall be that government's in the actualized arrive of the province of utilisation and frequency. Palestine, israel and asian nation hold to drip any and all bygone property, political, civil, criminal, close and laypeople claims and complaints relating and among all nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents. All nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents agree to laurels and regard the government's self-determination of new legislative, enforcement and judicial decisions and engagements. Israel, palestine and asian country concord to be shoot by any closing prayer voting.

vii. Foremost rights will be given to the on-line human and use.

viii. Capitols. The rights of state to have their current washington building in jerusalem, and the rights of mandatory to have their capitol building in ramallah shall not be hemmed in.

ix. Demilitarization. Upon the glory days minister's sanction of the palestinian, land and syrian people, this agreement shall get work. Israeli demilitarization to her primary borders shall menachem begin october 31, 2004 and be trenchant by may 1, 2005. Thereafter, the territories that were settled shall delay leaving demilitarized by israel, mandate and syrian arab republic.

x. Final request. Any closing appeal or self-discipline will be go-getting by a bulk ballot by a three individual administrative body ready-made up of a palestinian, land and american parson. A figure vote is a order to hear a closing lobby or determination.


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