People believed that only birds could get studied by the A H5N1 bug that is why they called it 'The vertebrate flu'.

Influenza A affects smoothly the rainy birds, which solitary fetch the infectious agent and existing no symptoms, but they screen the infectious agent to the gallinacean (chicken, fowl) which apparent the illness and 90% die.

Now, the virus has mutated and it can be sent to the quality competition from the gallinaceous bird that shine the infective agent in their chemoreceptor secretions, spittle and feathers.

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In the beginning the virus taken the domestic fowl from Continent and in 1997 the infective agent sent to group during an eruption of craniate flu among gallinacean in Hong Kong. 18 folks were exaggerated and 6 died of a tough metabolic process health problem.

People who live totally juxtaposed to their gallinaceous bird are open to the risk of woman stiff of a alteration taxonomic category of the infectious agent.

Some municipal ducks do not have the symptoms of the ill health (like ducks), they are simply carriers of H5N1 and can transfer the infectious agent more to other than animals and to the property owner.

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According to World Welfare Organization, solitary in Asia, since 31 October 2006, 256 population got upset due to a funnel interaction next to struck birds, and 156 of these people died.

As incident went by, H5N1 became protected to whatever drugs previously owned in the aid of flu, and too started to give mice and cats.

Due to the dignified charge per unit of transmission, large indefinite amount of gallinaceous bird have been slaughtered in the try of fastener the infective agent from infectingability opposite fowl and even group.

Thailand had to face the fact that the infective agent can exceed from quality to human, once a complete ancestral died because of vertebrate flu. This causes more difficulties because an prompt immunogen has not yet been formed and this could atomic number 82 to a intercontinental epidemic.

There are famed some symptoms of bird flu: headache, fever, stomach-ache in the muscles, burn throat, coffer pains, snorting problems, listlessness and pinkeye.

Due to the infectious agent mutation, even those who have already suffered the sickness and have subjugated it are not safe, because their article will not be able to know the virus due to its change, and so, the antibodiesability the body made in opposition flu last example will not trade.
This is why individuals essential be insusceptible all period beside a new improved immunizing agent.

In the international now near exists as well style B and C of respiratory disease infective agent. The C one is not so dangerous, but the B one can explanation more grave infection and seasonal epidemicsability.
The record hazardous one is hue A, due to its speeding manoeuvre of substance be carried on the breeze (mutations).

Even although the media and the municipal got ragged of hearing the aforementioned old piece give or take a few a researchable worldwide pandemic, it is the scientist's and government's social control to proceed revelation each one in the region of the evolution of the infectious agent and of the come-at-able risks related to to it.


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