To endow with the hunger for experiment linux so that it is one day your in operation system, is one of the objectives of this piece of land. The new users of GNU/Linux frequently construct the aforesaid errors when they assessment GNU/Linux for the introductory circumstance. The reasons of these errors are numerous: because GNU/Linux is a contrasting OS; because Windows gives bad habits; because the soul chooses the bad spreading and by a long way of opposite possibilities. Here whichever solutions next to v popular difficulties under GNU/Linux.

1- To pick out its distribution:

There is substantially persuasion on the GNU/Linux statistical distribution near which you will have to start, and the figure are not relevant.

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After having to seek, to study, publication the opinions of users, with the telecommunication of time, on oodles distributions, two points arise:

the first: GNU/Linux Bureau is a press of taste,

the second: not a organization does not bind both the full of the unexceeded options.

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For embark on next to GNU/Linux, it is to recommend to take among the pursuing distributions, short order:

Professional SUSE and, in the future, openSUSE

Linspire Xandros

Fedora Core

Mandriva (in the olden Mandrake)


2- Is Linux free?

Some assertion that all that is concerned to Linux is free of. A hot computer code deserves that one pays for him it is obvious, but the asking price must be well-founded the majority of the commercial distributions GNU/Linux for the organization reimbursement little than 100$ and is really completely abundant. The occupancy propagation objective that a tremendous figure of code are gathered they too enclose thousands of applications for the bureau. The mercenary distributions GNU/Linux view phrase process softwares, P2P, spreadsheet, concert on transparency, printing file allotment of video, positional notation rapport beside Windows, realistic machine, reading of DVD, Web server, Web navigator, and markedly of others.

3- The partitions:

With Windows, you are wont to to single one wall on your tight saucer. It contains the operative system, the applications, the data, and a excellent celestial for your data file of Windows change over (the software system uses universe on the rugged disk when the read-write memory is not satisfactory any more than). GNU/Linux functions otherwise. In establish to land the longest performances of the system, the data file of trade is on a discrete barrier. If you have 512 Mo or 1Go of read-write reminiscence the magnitude the construction of substitution (swap) should not be less than 512 Mo, and not less than 1Go if you have less than 512 Mo of read-write internal representation.

It is broken to net a large screen if you use your gadget simply for organization high technology applications. With this treatment you can precaution the component of your in person and software notes on a ordinal divider. It is a correct solution if you never revision intricate saucer or in operation regulations. But if you will to wrap up your background and the preferences of the applications which you use, it is to better do two remaining partitions for the operative system, the separate for your data and your adjustments. that by this means gives 1 construction root "/", 2 barrier "/home". 3 substitute the massiveness depends on the figure of software package which you install, but 20 Go are more than than comfortable for the screen core "/"root, the biggest section of your lp must be to seizing has" /home ", because it is near that you will reservoir images, films, and other big files. It is owlish to supply 75% of the full disk scope to the depository /home, the number of the GNU/Linux distributions can sort the partitions for you, but they have all sundry thinking on the figure of partitions to fabricate and their extent. you essential desire if you poverty to revise the non-attendance belief. You can arena your Windows divider and thanks to the dual-boot to go for to set off your data processor either lower than Windows or under GNU/Linux. You must establish Windows in first-year to spawn merely one partition but not too largest not to encumber the installment of GNU/Linux after. And if you poorness to swapping files involving the Windows partition and the GNU/Linux partition, use the entry arrangement FAT32 to data format your Windows dividing wall (Window does not read the construction unix and unix operating system does not read partitions NTFS whereas it can read and compose well on a set of connections FAT32).

4- The Permissions:

With Windows, you are in pervasive either an administrator, or a somebody next to the rights of chief. With GNU/Linux, you are in common link up as a person to enclosed access, and you overrun as a bottom line (i.e. chief underneath Windows) when you must renovation principal parameters of the policy or correct the hardware structure or add or free a programme. This tidiness based on the permissions makes your net snug and one is accustomed quickly, though that is dreamlike at the opening.

5- To provide up with the archetypal problems:

GNU/linux is not Windows gum you get into a new world beside new rules. To swot has to create by mental act/move in this new worldwide will bear time, it is modal. It will be indispensable to learn from new software, a new interface, next to a new behaviour of making. but quondam passed this time hardest is ready-made. The town the forums are sources of mast as recovered as the piece of land of your transfer if you chose a dispersal commercialized. To acquire an in operation system is a confront. Essayer Linux is not in certainty so troublesome and a thing is certain in any case: much you are disappointed next to Windows and its problems, more than the passage to GNU/Linux will be easy. Good luck! Those which want to put in linux on a portable computer will brainwave here The linux portable computer crutch [] a account of the laptop computer on which that was only done.


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