Clint Bowyer, the popular NASCAR operator will initiation his basic competition this season aft the steering helm of the No. 2 Camping World Chevrolet Silverado motortruck for Kevin Harvick Incorporated (KHI) at the forthcoming NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series that will return put down at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia this time period.

"I'm really drunk to get hindmost down the pedals of a wagon. I had a lot of fun later yr in the Truck Series and I was genuinely happy when Kevin and DeLana asked me to driving force for them in a few races this period. It's marvellous that Camping World has go aboard as a patron. Hopefully we can transport them a lot of natural event." says NASCAR manipulator Clint Bowyer.

"I'm sounding guardant to racing in Atlanta, very since the course is alike to Texas, where on earth I got my most basic Truck Series win closing period of time. I'll be propulsion treble duty, so with bated breath I can initiate the time period off authorization near a righteous run in the Camping World Silverado." he further explains.

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In addition, this year's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series will be the lap for the racing introduction of freshman Cale Gale, connection KHI on with the social unit proprietor and driver, Kevin Harvick. So KHI should get a GM improvement encyclopaedia for their Chevrolet trucks.

Clint Bowyer's operator skills at the 2006 NASCAR Truck Series ready-made him to rack up a number one decorativeness near 148/148 laps at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth onboard the Silverado motor vehicle closely-held by Davil Dollar. He too obtained a top 10 slot during a race in Martinsville Speedway and took the ordinal discoloration. This 2007 season, Clint is subsidise behind the steering joystick of the No. 2 Camping World Chevrolet Silverado articulated vehicle owned by co-driver Kevin Harvick and hopes to be the premiere NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series best.

Meanwhile, Charlie Wilson Crew Chief of Atlanta Motor Speedway commented:
"We have Clint Bowyer in the No. 2 Camping World Chevrolet Silverado this period. He will thrust the said wagon (chassis No. 012) that Kevin raced at the California Speedway."

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"We are victimization the aforesaid set up in the No. 2 Camping World Silverado that the No. 33 AES Silverado has. Ron (Hornaday) has always run healed in Atlanta and with the set up that we are using; Clint will run genuinely powerfully as well." he additional.

Along with the No. 2 Camping World Chevrolet Silverado for KHI, Clint Bowyer is also the up-to-the-minute operator Jack Daniel's No. 7 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the NEXTEL Cup Series and the No. 2 BB&T Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the Busch Series. The Richard Childress Racing owns both of these two trucks.


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