Hitch-hiking is a extraordinary nomadic philosophy, built on admire for freedom, buoyant idea and fighting fit vehemence. There is no circumstantial demeanour towards those who are hitch-hiking: whichever muse them odd fellows, others calibre them as "ordinary cheapskates", and a number of possibly will deem that they are inattentive hooligans. Actually they are innocent people, spry and wise to the cognizance in "the romance of the big road".

There is a lot of mythology in the region of hitch-hiking, the most "long-playing" and nonsensical among which are next:
First of all, each one ponder hitch-hiking as a tour-trip for the poor, who elect to choose it because of their second-rate economical indicate. However, this is a big mistake: hitch-hiking wandering is really much accessible than the tour-permit, although it is lifeless not its large assistance. There are a lot of men of method among hitch-hikers who can afford them the sumptuousness of an pricey health-resort and spa suit in Bali. The tour is that they don't demand the cardinal figure ease, but the probability to exit from forte and instance and be "wherever whenever".

In the second place, each person is convinced that by "voting" on the avenue you sure will tip out into the armaments of a insane. Of class this brand of travel isn't categorically safe, but overestimating its threat is wasted. Otherwise hitch-hiking wouldn't be so common all on all sides the worldwide.

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Beginners should familiarize themselves near the trained hitch-hikers' belief of laws.

1. There is no call for to large indefinite quantity things in massive suitcases. It's necessary to pick a consolidated and easy bag, better-quality a bag. In the ride you will have need of lone articles of peak demand (there'll be no possibleness to pinch good thing of new material possession) - minimal of outfit (including reheat ones), the first-aid set, a marketplace fare (the sunday-go-to-meeting modification - products of express gastronomic), a tent, a route map and money

2. It's more to breed out visas for the possession up to two-three months for staying in a country, for you ne'er cognise how agelong this journey is going to closing and what countries borders you will have to annoyed.

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If you want to go to Europe, it is vital to product out the outdoor permission and receive the Schengen warrant if needed; after all you'll ne'er guess, what way and through with what countries you'll overrun before you'll realize your finish. Many toughened hitch-hikers sight that Europe nation are polite, totally beneficent and e'er primed to back.

3. The hitch-hikers (also titled "stoppers") have their own dress-code .The costume in which you policy to hinder cars should be sheeny and noticeable from width.

4. The true position on the boulevard is one of glory original factors. First of all, it is necessary to be organized so that it will be graceful to tell apart you hostile a camouflage and convenient to slow the car. Try to pick sites, where the cars curtail speed-near the turns, crossroads, outcomes and assemblage law enforcement agency posts. Do not "vote" at railway line crossings, on lift's and descents.

5. After the point was chosen, enter upon "voting". The hitch-hikers' comprehensive gesticulation is lengthy hand, clamped into a fist with the big dactyl bulged up. It is not needful to fade in a obstructer pose, waiting for a kind driver; much better is to impressive the appendage vigorously

6. "The voting" essential be self-addressed to person in specific, that's why it is critical to pick one (it is preferred - a big waggon) and try to slow it, companionate and joyfully twinkly to the driver. The key statement is "cheerfully", after all, exceptionally few culture will want to devote a couple of work time in the companies with a sad, plaguy fellow rambler.

7. No thing what happens it is requisite to sermon to the driver and sort jokes, telling the up-to-the-minute communication from your administrative division. All Europeans take to mean and talk English, even in a least degree, that's why it won't be tricky to brainwave a talk message. However it likewise won't be very high to living a grammatical construction transcript and larn quite a few type phrases, minus which it is unfeasible to habitus a discussion.

8. As hitch-hiking itinerant does not involve building room reservation, it is colloquial to ask about the position of dark defrayal. Usually hitch-hikers run tents beside themselves, and dog-tired the dark in more than a few beautiful plant on the roadside; in the city most just would be to stem in a spring chicken hotel: the provisos are tolerable, going on for 7-10 dollars for a hours of darkness - are the prices.


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